Shadow of the Templar
Tales from Black Oceans
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SotT: The Annotated Editions

PLEASE BE WARNED that these annotated editions are just chock-full of spoilers from all four books right off the bat. This is not the place to start reading SotT! Go back here to read the books in a safe and spoiler-free environment, then come back here and read the annotations if you are so inclined.

Book One: The Morning Star—The Annotated Edition

Part One: Codenames Part Two: Compromise Part Three: Coalition
Part Four: Conflict Part Five: Coda


Book Two: Double Down—The Annotated Edition

Prologue Part One: Ch. 1-6 Part Two: Ch. 7-10
Part Three: Ch. 11-13 Part Four: Ch. 14 Part Five: Ch. 15-18
Part Six: Ch. 19-21 Part Seven: Ch. 22-23 Part Eight: Ch. 24-27
Part Nine: Ch. 28-29 Part Ten: Ch. 30-32 Part Eleven: Ch. 33-34


Book Three: With A Bullet—The Annotated Edition

Prologue Part One: Ch. 1-6 Part Two: Ch. 7-11
Part Three: Ch. 12-17 Part Four: Ch. 18-22 Part Five: Ch. 23-36
Part Six: Ch. 37-39 Part Seven: Ch. 40-49 Part Eight: Ch. 50-59
Part Nine: Ch. 60-70 Part Ten: Ch. 71-93 Part Eleven: Ch. 94-96


Book Four: High Fidelity—The Annotated Edition

Part One: Ch. 1-4 Part Two: Ch. 5-9 Part Three: Ch. 10-13
Part Four: Ch. 14-17 Part Five: Ch. 18-20 Part Six: Ch. 21-24
Part Seven: Ch. 25-29 Part Eight: Ch. 30-37 Part Nine: Ch. 38-41
Part Ten: Ch. 42-47 Part Eleven: Ch. 48-50