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M. Chandler is somewhere in her forties and somewhere in Seattle. She is also easily distracted, and

Shadow of the Templar: A brilliant young FBI agent. An unpredictable international art thief. What happens next is quite possibly not what you'd expect.
Shadow of the Templar is the story of Simon Drake and Jeremy Archer, two men on opposite sides of the law, and the tenuous relationship they manage to forge and maintain in the face of hopeless odds. The series consists of four novels of varying lengths and a handful of short stories; the novels themselves tend to rate a hard R at worst, but some of the short stories are more graphic.
Shadow of the Templar is based on concepts originally created by the author in collaboration with Lyn.

Tales from Black Oceans: In a long-ago era, at a more dangerous time, adventure could sometimes be had simply by stepping out the front door—but the price to be paid was often high. Sometimes too high. And nothing is ever quite as black and white as it first seems.
Set in an alternate seventeenth century chockablock with pirates, highwaymen, thieves, rogues, scoundrels, and Englishmen of all sorts, Tales from Black Oceans tells the stories of a handful of wildly different men, and how each was, in the end, brought low. Or something like that. These stories are heavily action/adventure-oriented and explicitly sexual in spots.

SSB*B Submissions: various unrelated short stories written for the semi-excellent boy's-love webzine Shousetsu Bang*Bang, under the pseudonym Roumonte Emi. As per the webzine's rules, these stories all contain graphic sex scenes.

Miscellany: exactly what it sounds like: bits and pieces that don't fit anywhere else.

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