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♦ New in SSB*B Submissions: The One With Giant Mechanical Spiders In

M. CHANDLER is responsible for one hell of a lot of original fiction, most of it action-oriented, most of it heavy on the gay themes. The links to your left will let you read pretty much all of it, if you're interested in that kind of thing. The links to your left will also let you read it if you're not interested in that kind of thing, but in that case, maybe you'd best not bother.

BE AWARE that this site is chock-full of mature content of all kinds. We aren't just talking smut, here, although there is plenty of that, by God. Depending on which link you click, you may be treated to sex, banter, violence, drug use, bad puns, gore, criminal behavior, death, suspense, murder, awful jokes, unlikeable characters, otherwise-likeable characters behaving badly, antiquated or elitist attitudes, light torture, odd concepts, blatant disrespect towards anything and everything, enough profanity to choke a fucking goat, and/or terrible, rampant abuse of both semicolons and dashes. Characters may express or embody views that in no way represent the views of the author; characters may also be giant flaming assholes. In short, on your own head be it.

IF YOU ARE still here after that unnecessarily-dire warning, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay!